Why and how

The Mediterranean area faces strong international competition and gaps among its different regions. The coworking process is part of a new economic model related to the collaborative economy, which consist in sharing workspaces but also a network of workers and skills. The coworking process has been recently developing worldwide, and has innovative impacts on social inclusion, economic development, urban development and public administration

The emergence of new business models, based on the individuals and on the use of shared values within a community, imply not to leave out the self-employed. It is important to bear in mind that by 2020, 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors and solopreneuers. Among them, 78% will be under 40 (Source: Deskmag, „The co-working market report“, Forecast 2014).

That is why coworking processes pave the way for structural changes in Mediterranean economies.

The projects aims at developing a new model of entrepreneurship and social innovation by promoting the coworking processes and their transnational organization as a lever of a smart and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean territories.

Project partnership will undertake following activities to achieve project goal:

  • Identify mechanisms to facilitate the match between supply and demand for innovative ideas and development of absorptive capacities within businesses and other knowledge users;
  • Promote investment in social innovation (product and service development);
  • Create positive conditions of networking between clusters and open innovation stakeholders trough smart specialization;
  • Contribute to intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth by reinforcing employment capacities;
  • Study the conditions for the emergence of a virtual transnational cluster, offering human capital and related availability and skills, to foreshadow transnational mobility plans;
  • Put coworkers in permanent contact with the major players of innovation, both in terms of territorial and technological research. Networks of networks, along with technological research centers, must support creating value through innovation.