What we do

CoWorkMED project aims to promote Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth with specific objective to increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area.

Main reasons:


  •         Economic crisis
  •         Emergence of new business models
  •         Evolution of career paths
  •         Increase of telecommuting in Europe
  •         Well-being at work
  •         Digitalization
  •         Development of individual entrepreneurship
  •         Emergence of the „open“ culture
  •         Rural/Urban interrelations


CoWorkMED target audiences and their benefits:

  • Civil society (unemployed people, young people) and general public (citizens, users of innovative services)

Project benefit is to reinforce coworking communities on their territories.

  • Business support organizations: Local development agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Clusters

Project benefit is to reinforce their innovation and social innovation capacities.

  • Enterprises/ Local public authority/National public authority/Regional public authority

Project will provide tools, studies, mechanisms, best practices to enterprises/local, national, regional public authorities willing to activate coworking within their  organization, or willing to take profit the transnational coworking cluster and related human capital.

  • SME's

Micro, small medium enterprise, freelancers, micro-factories, start-ups, incubators, business clusters, coworking spaces, coworkers, organizations working in the field of social innovation, cultural and creative industries, blue and green economy.

Connecting independent qualified workers gathered into coworking spaces in the Mediterranean space, with traditional innovation stakeholders, will increase SMEs capacities of clustering and will increase the share of innovative clusters offering to their member a consolidated mix of transnational activities in blue and green growth key sectors.